Racking up the medals at the 202km Coronation DC

December 4, 2017

For the 4th year in a row, Embark entered teams into the Coronation Double Century. It’s a 202km team ride. The teams must start with a minimum of 6 riders and a maximum of 12 riders. Teams must finish with 6 riders minimum to qualify for prizes. If the team managers to keep all 12 riders until the end, they not only receive a finishers medal, but also a Charles Milner medal for comradery. Last year we received 2 sets of Charles Milner medals, and this year we received 3 sets!! It would have been 4, had it not been for a nasty crash taking out 3 riders from one of the Embark teams.

There is pretty much no chance of completing this race with a full team unless everyone pulls together, looks out for one another and works as a team. There is no better way to show off the bond that is created between athletes than this endurance race.

This is a note from a rider from another team:

My team were a bunch of racing snakes and dropped me at the start of the Tradouw Climb (30km). I limped alone to Ashton where I saw an Embark team in full compliment. Despite the fact that I have not trained with Embark for some time, they insisted that they join me for the rest of the race. They kept me in their bunch and, when I struggled, helped me back to the group. They pushed me up every hill. Not just the boys, the girls too! The vibe in the group was incredible and I was made to feel so special. Even thought i was the weakest link and not part of their team they refused to abandon me. It was one of the most incredible days of spirit in sport I have ever enjoyed. That Embark team saved my day and they brought great honour to the Embark brand. The culture they display, their humility and everything they stand for is of the highest order. —–Mark Cliff

So if you are gaining valuable mileage in you legs and want to take on the challenge of the Coronation DC next year, then get in touch with us.

Everything is possible with team work!




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