If you are looking to achieve a specific goal, outside of the group training programs, then lets have a chat! With the recent addition of Michael Redington to the Embark coaches team, we now have a dedicated IRONMAN specialist to help athletes with that personal touch. Its a hands on approach, with planning, structure, feedback and guidance.Having raced in 4 continents, including the coveted KONA WORLD IRONMAN CHAMPS, Michael has a wealth of knowledge on how best to choose, plan and execute a race abroad or in unfamiliar surroundings. Programs are all presented though Training Peaks.Personal programs cost R850 per month. Please get in touch with us through the contact page!

Reference from Brett: “I am thoroughly enjoying training under the guidance of Mike, his programs are always clear and detailed. I am always impressed with his eagerness to engage with us athletes whether it’s via our weekly skype conversations, What’s App or at the local group sessions. He always maintains a positive outlook and this helps me maintain my desired level of training. It is clear that he puts us athletes first and always strives to offer us the best training sessions and advise. I can recommend Mike big time. Give it a try, only your competitors will be disappointed! ”







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Inspiring Story – Alice Oosthuizen

Earlier this year thirty-year-old Alice Oosthuizen completed the IRONMAN African Championship in Port Elizabeth in an impressive time of 11:37:05. She then raced in the African Tour Series in Durban on June 18th where she placed second in her age group missing 1st by 30 seconds. She ran the FASTEST run time out of all the ladies!! Here’s how Alice went from a newbie cyclist to an IRONMAN athlete, and how she stays motivated through the long training days.

IRONMAN will change your life

“My IRONMAN journey started by joining Embark and challenging myself to accomplishing an extraordinary endurance feat – finishing an IRONMAN 70.3 event – and has evolved from a challenge into a lifestyle. Taking part in triathlon has brought me closer to an inspirational community. Every person is on their own personal journey of willpower, perseverance, and dedication, but in the middle our paths cross and we get to share the life-changing experience that’s IRONMAN. The group training and guidance from Embark triathlon is the biggest game changer.

Let a coach take the worries away

“If you don’t know where to start, join your  local Embark training group where a coach can take away the worry of working out training sessions. Meeting people on the same part of the triathlon  journey is great for motivation and support, and for getting out of bed before the chickens wake!” 

Only one path forward

“My first IRONMAN race was 2015’s IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo City. I didn’t even own a bike, so the biggest challenge in my life was lying ahead. But I wanted to prove that you’re never too old to start something new.” I joined Embark and started training with the group and have never looked back. Running the fastest run time at 70.3 Durban was a definite highlight! But my biggest highlight so far was qualifying for the 70.3 World Champs in Chatanooga. This race is in September.

Master the body and mind

“At the Buffalo City race briefing, I heard it was one of the toughest bike courses on the IRONMAN 70.3 circuit. My nerves were aggravated by the knowledge that my cycling experience only extended to six months. The cycling was hot, hard, and through never-ending rolling hills. An hour in, I realized I might miss the bike cut-off. My body jumped on the same bandwagon as my mind, and my legs cramped and my feet went numb. I sat by the road and recalled the tough sessions with my group, Embark, who had 50 others racing. I was determined not to be the only DNF so I got back on the bike. I was ecstatic to make the cut-off. I couldn’t hold back the tears.” 

Focus on the next minute

“Every IRONMAN race is truly unique, memorable and as tough as nails. Each journey features highs and lows, lots of decisions and many pep talks to focus on the next minute and push through.”

A full IRONMAN is natural after IRONMAN 70.3

“I said that I’d never do the full IRONMAN. But after four IRONMAN 70.3s, the bug bit and a full became the next natural challenge. So my husband Rudolph and I entered this year’s IRONMAN African Championship. It’s been an incredible commitment, with Saturdays completely dedicated to 12-hour brick sessions. I wouldn’t have been able to do this by myself, so to be able to share the experience with Rudolph and my Embark team is a blessing.” 

Never look back

“Leading up to the race I feel like a child on Christmas eve, filled with excitement beyond containment but also caution. But from not owning a bike to facing a full IRONMAN in two years has proven anything is possible. So take the first step and enter an IRONMAN race: you will never look back.”