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May 8, 2018

With just 3 weeks to go to the BIG race,IRONMAN 70.3 Durban, what happens afterwards? Well besides the Dis-Embark and 10 year Embark celebration planned for the 16th June, there are a heap of programs and training to keep you fit and healthy through winter. Don’t let the high level of fitness fade away like the sun in winter!


Whether you want just stay part of the group and maintain your current level of fitness, or aim specifically for one of the disciplines: swim or bike or run, or even reset the goal of another ultra-distance race, then see the programs starting up after Durbs.

MiWay Cape Ultra – 9th September (1.9km swim, 90km Bike, 21.1km Run) Program starts first week of June.

This 14 week program will get you ready to complete and compete in the seasons opening ultra-distance race.  Starting with a build phase to give you time to recover and regroup before we get into the progressive harder race specific phases



Knysna Half marathon or full marathon-7th July (4 weeks to run your best half marathon or attempt the full marathon in the picturesque Knysna forest).

This program is interweaved with optional swims and bikes to allow for cross training, but the emphasis is on the running. If you want to then carry on with just the running, you will then have the option to join Garths running program for the Gun Run Half that starts mid-July


Swimming program

Want to get your swimming better over the winter period? With 2 weekly sessions aimed more at technique than distance, and a long open water swim for endurance, this program too will have optional group coaching for running and biking, but leans more towards the swimming component of triathlon.



Cape Classic 380 – on the weekend of 9-11th November

This a 3 day road tour happening in Montague, Day 1- 100km Day 2- 160km Day 3- 106km. It’s a fully supported peloton ride throughout the tour, with a couple of optional racing bits for those that want to push themselves a little each day. Rolling road closure, motorbikes, mechanics and paramedics all support the tour daily. If you want to get your riding up and be ready for the tour, then our winter miles program will keep you entertained both indoors and outdoors! Once again this will be part of the group training with the emphasis on more riding, but still the option of the cross tri training.


Double Century – on the weekend of the 24/25th November.

Last year Embark entered 4 teams for the DC. It’s a 202km team road race consisting of 12 riders. For 4 years in a row, all our teams have finished with all 12 riders, all the riders look out for each other all day and make sure no one ever gets dropped or left alone. So if you are keen to be involved and on a team, let us know. You will need to train for this, so join in on the Winter Miles program to get/keep your riding legs through winter. Look out for the Cape Classic that’s 2 weeks before, the icing sugar on the training before the big race of 202kms in one day! The DC is on the weekend of the 24/25th November


Cape Cross Tri – on the weekend of the 12/13/14th October.

A brand new event! A new style of racing! 3 days, 1 standard distant race each day, OFF ROAD!! (1500m swim, 20-30kms mtb, 10km trail run). You will need a little bit of off road experience for this stage race, so join in on our new program for the Cape Cross Tri and hit the trails and tracks this winter!There is a discount for the entry as an Embark member! Please get in contact with us should you wish to find out more info



No goal in mind, but just want to keep fit and stay part of the group?

Then the Back2Fitness group offers just this. Gen offers a weekly swim-bike-run session without the pressure of a goal. But same cup cake fines apply if you post in the Emergency groups 😊




Looking for something more personal?

A program planned around your goal, your schedule and your ability? Then get in touch with us so we can connect you to Mike, our resident personalised program coach. He will adapt your program around you, and still include you in the group sessions that you want to join! Mike works primarily with the more advanced athletes and has secured five IRONMAN 70.3 world champs slots for the Embark athletes so far! You could be next!!


In August we start with the IRONMAN 70.3 East London training as well as a new beginners program, and rumour has it that Jonny is coming back to rejuvenate the beginners program. Please get in touch with us should you want any more detail.


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