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January 3, 2018

Have you set your 2018 goals yet? 


Two Oceans half marathon coached group training starts 17th Jan…

Coached group training has proven to be the spring board for great improvement, better results and a more enjoyable race day!

On the 17th January 2018, we begin our coached group training for the Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon which takes place on the 30th March 2018. We will have an orientation evening to settle nerves and explain how the training works at the Green Point Cricket Club at 6:15pm on the 16th January 2018.

The Two Oceans Half marathon is 21.1km’s long, and is quite a tough half marathon with a BIG hill (Southern Cross Drive) half way through the course.

Embark will be facilitating coached group training sessions specifically for this tough half marathon. We cater for the training at most of our branches with coached group sessions during the week and weekend. The training is mixed up between hill work, speed work, strength work and long runs. Its fun and social and everyone gets something out the session, beginner or advanced athletes. 

I would never have reached the ability to run more than 21km if I didn’t join Embark. It has brought not only strength in mental and physical fitness but allowed me to develop the best relationships and friendships. I love the training with Garth from the Atlantic seaboard, the training is challenging and social and this has made is such a success for me! Thank you for making this year so special for me and all of the crew and for always capturing our moments! 

For more information please get hold of us through the contact page. To register, please click here.



Two Oceans ultra program starts January 2018

This is the second year that embark will train our athletes for the Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, the program starts on the 1st January and is a progressive 13 week training program. 

The program coll with our coached group training, where you will have the options to join our grouped training where possible. This includes sessions like hills for strength, long run for stamina and track sessions for speed. 

The program is presented on Training Peaks which is an online app that allows you to track your progress. You will be able to view the program to 2 weeks in advance and update every session as you complete it (either automatically through a smart watch or manually). This way you are able to keep a history of your training and watch as you get fitter closer to the race.

The program takes into account the Bay2Bay 30km and the Peninsula marathon.

This program has now started, so if you are interested in preparing for the Ultra marathon please get in contact or register as soon as possible. 

To register, please click here.

Plan your 2018 running goals with us




Tackle your first triathlon in 2018!

Its a new year and with it comes new challenges. Why not train for your first triathlon!

Our Embark beginner group is an on-going group that  which you can join throughout the year and you can pick your goal. This is a complete beginners program, NO LEVEL EXPECTED!

The annual summer beginners program is aimed at getting the beginners to their first triathlon or duathlon through hands on coached group training that Embark offers in all of its branches.

We will cover everything you need to know about completing a triathlon. Depending on your current fitness level your goal will be to complete a sprint triathlon over the summer months. 

So this gives us about 15 weeks to get everyone up to speed and confident enough to tackle the first race!

Our training programs are presented through the online training app, Training Peaks, where your fitness and progression is tracked daily. You also have access to all the coached group sessions.

We will have 3 group sessions per week, (swim/bike/run) plus a few additional sessions for you to complete on your own. The areas that we are running the program are Atlantic Seaboard, Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Blouberg, Somerset West and Jozi North. Soon to becoming is our new Upington branch. 

For more info please contact us through the contact page



IRONMAN 70.3 Durban 

Training starts 10 Jan 2018…

If you are considering entering IRONMAN 70.3 Durban, or have already done so, then now’s the time to start think about training for it. If you are currently swimming 400m nonstop, riding 40kms on the road and running 5-8kms, then you are at the level that Embark requires to begin with the group training in Jan. If you are not currently at this level and require some help and motivation to get there, then get in contact with us and join either the existing group that is currently on the build up program or the beginners program.

Where is the training
We have various branches for the 70.3 training. Northern Suburbs, Atlantic Seaboard, Blouberg, Southern Suburbs, Sommerset West and Johannesburg. New exciting branch is the Upington branch staring in February! You can join any program and train at the venue that suits you, no worries about chopping and changing. We try to follow the same structure as closely as possible.

How the training works
Embark has been set up to guide first timers through the process of completing a triathlon, although we now offer intermediate and advanced training for experienced athletes too.
Click here for a more personalised approach to your training.

The 70.3 program has been going for 9 years now and we are fairly confident to say that we will get you that required medal.  Even if you have completed the distance before, the coaching and group environment that Embark offers will prove invaluable to your overall experience.

Each week you receive a program. This program prescribes the sessions for the week, and outlines both the individual sessions and the group sessions. The advantage of group training is that it keeps motivation levels up and aids in healthy competition for progression. As the sessions are coached, there is always a coach available to ask questions and answer queries. The journey for the 70.3 Half Ironman medal or PB is only experienced through the social training and hard work that a group training program like Embark can offer.

The benefits of group training with Embark
Keeps motivation levels up and aids in healthy competition for progression. As the sessions are coached, there is always a coach available to ask questions and answer queries.

Safer training in the groups than on your own. This means that we get routine into our training, and with routine comes progression!
You will always find someone in the group to challenge you. You might be better in the water, but there may be someone stronger on the bike for you to chase!

Are you ready to take a step up in the triathlon world?


IRONMAN South Africa 2018

Training starts 10 January…

IRONMAN is one hell of a grueling day, but its said the race is the easy part! The build up to the event is actually the hardest part!

So how do you train for the 3.8km swim, 180km bike and a FULL marathon 42.2kms? Our training officially starts on Wed 10th Jan 2018 and you can join us that evening at the Green Point Cricket Club to hear about how we put all the training together in prep for the mammoth race, as well as a chat about nutrition for endurance sport. 

Although IRONMAN is an individual sport, being able to train with others really does make it easier. Our group training programs consist of long supported rides and runs, open water swims and track sessions, taking the guess work out of the preparation.

All programs are presented through Training Peaks, and you will always have your program 2 weeks ahead to plan your life. You will receive a wall calendar outlining the programs progression, the big weeks, the rest days, and races leading up to the race.
Over the weeks and months you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know about being 100% confident going into the race. 

If you are aiming at the IRONMAN 70.3 East London then the program takes this into account, and after that race, you continue towards IMSA. Those not doing the 70.3, will build up in the same way and just do a ‘mock’ ultra-distance race on that weekend.

Click here to register. 


International Tour 

We are going to Spain for IRONMAN 70.3 Barcelona…

After incredible IRONMAN 70.3 tours to Croatia in 2016, and Portugal in 2017, We are going to Calelle in Spain to do the IRONMAN 70.3  Barcelona!

LATEST UPDATE: Due to high interest in the tour to Barcelona this year, we have managed to secure more standard rooms in the hotel and have a better group booking rate for these additional rooms. We ONLY have 8 of these standard rooms so its first come first served at this reduced tour rate of R11700. Once these rooms are gone, the price reverts to the original cost.

Our hotel is a 4 star hotel, we have a pool, pool bar and a private beach, and our price includes sun loungers and towels. We have gone for a slightly more expensive hotel as the past tours have shown that the most of the tour fun actually happens around the hotel bar, pool and gatherings for daily breakfasts, and our chosen hotel radiates this. To really experience the tour and the excitement of being part of an international touring team our advice is to be part of the tour.

The 70.3 entry fee is currently in tier 3, and moves into tier 4 and a price increase shortly. The Rand has taken a knock against the Euro again, so 2 good reasons to book ASAP.

This is a popular race, and it will sell out, like most of European 70.3’s do.  So if you are interested, get in touch asap so that we can get entries.

Package as follows:
Early bird special R11700 up until 15 January 2018 (or until entries sell out)

  • 4 night accommodation at 4* hotel
  • Breakfast daily
  • Loungers and towels at private beach
  • 70.3 race entry
  • Group touring kit
  • All travel fees and tourism taxes

*Does not include flights
For more information contact us & check out our website


Embark northern suburbs charity drive…


To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect, you just have to care!  

These words are so true about our Embark tribe, not only do we care deeply for each other but love to make a difference especially where it is needed the most. 

On Sunday, 10 December 2017, in the Soneike Mall, we had the privilege to be part of a fun filled day with awesome people for a heart-warming cause #embark#8hours4keanu.  8 Hours of spinning for a brave little cancer warrior! Our 4 Embark pelotons were riding in teams of five for 8 hours non-stop.  Neil Thiart was taking on the challenge solo on the Elliptigo – completed 136kms in 8 hours!

Keanu Moore of Brackenfell was diagnosed in October with grade 4 neuroblastoma cancer.  The funds raised will help for his treatment and road to recovery.   What a privilege it was to practise our sport for this brave boy’s road to recovery.


Why get frustrated driving from one shop to another when you could shop online for all your needed triathlon gear! Our Embark brand has local and imported items which will suit all your needs. 



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