Atlantic Seaboard Running Group Training Sessions


6am, HILLS – Camps Bay 

6pm, HILLS – Sea Point 


6am, TRACK – Green Point Athletics Stadium with our Run Club 


6pm, TRACK – Green Point Athletics Stadium with our Run Club


6am, HILLS – Sea Point

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Meet the Atlantic Seaboard running coach – Garth Dorman

I live by the motto: “Dont let your head tell you that you cant do this. You can and you will and I promise I will get you there”.

I have been with Embark for a few years first as an athlete and now as a coach and run the very successful Atlantic Seaboard\City Bowl Half Marathon and Full Marathon training programs throughout  the year.I have had success with nearly all of my athletes that stick with the basics of the program and attend most of our training sessions,be it starting to run or running personal bests times. With my Level 1 ASA certification, I concentrate on each person to make sure that the group training we present is suitable to bring the best results according to that persons individual needs. I want running to fit into your current life in a comfortable and fulfilling fashion and I look forward to being part of your running journey.

Live for your run.





Northern Suburbs Running Group Training Sessions

Contact us for more information about the training schedule and programs please contact us here.


Meet the Northern Suburbs running coach – Janelle Boddy

It’s You vs You. Do today what others won’t, so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.   Janelle is a NAASFP Certified Marathon Running Coach residing and teaching in the Northern Suburb of Durbanville. (Group, Individual, Student and Online)   While as a Running Coach I love to share my passion for running and being healthy, I am also driven by the reward of seeing my clients succeed! We are born to run, and the science lies in teaching our bodies to perform these movements naturally while enhancing our genetic potential, injury free. Our Group training is not only about safety in numbers, it is the amazing energy of camaraderie and sharing in each other’s success! I cater for Beginner and Intermediate level, as well as developing and enhancing skills for the more competitive athlete. Your training has got to work for you, it is key that we find ways to maximize your time and achieve the desired results! It’s my job to make you run, it’s your to do it!   Lace up and don’t look back, you not going that way