Meet Embark The Parks Coach – Diana Richards 

Having run and cross fit trained for as long as Di can recall – exercise is a way of life and it’s this that she tries to leave with her athletes.

Cross country and cross continental running is Di’s passion, from international marathons to trail running and from swimming training to jogging the pavements of over 35 countries.

Having completed a nutritional course, a personal training program and being a TRE facilitator Di has adapted the philosophy that fitness changes all elements of how you feel and see your life, mentoring people to run and reach their physical goals has been a long time passion of hers, she believes that mind and body power is half the challenge to accomplishing your wildest fitness feat. A triathlon, a desert stage race or simply your first mile swim – she can’t wait to get you to the start line.

Exercising is a life changing phenomenon and she wants her athletes to revel in this, anything is possible.