Coached Two Oceans Marathon Program Starts 22 Jan

January 10, 2019

Coached group training has proven to be the spring board for great improvement, better results and a more enjoyable race day!

On the 22nd January 2019, we begin our coached group training for the Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon which takes place on the 20 April 2019. 

Embark will be facilitating coached group training sessions specifically for this tough half marathon. We cater for the training on the Atlantic seaboard with coached group sessions during the week and weekend. The training is mixed up between hill work, speed work, strength work and long runs. Its fun and social and everyone gets something out the session, beginner or advanced athletes. But dont take our word for it, ask the hundreds of athletes that have crossed the finish line with the help of Embark.

Pay Only:
*R950 for current Embarkers
*R1050 each if you join with a friend
*R1150 in total, paid upfront

For more information please get hold of us through the contact page. To register, please click here.

We look forward to meeting you soon.


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