“It doesn’t matter how expensive your bike is, if the bike is not the right size for you or incorrectly fitted for you, you might as well be riding a BMX”

While there is a vast array of bike set-up programmes, very few take into account the true biomechanical function of your body. We do this using the Balancing Stance on a RS Scan Pressure pad and by completing a full postural analysis. Once this information is gathered the bike set-up process can begin.

All set-up’s start with the correct alignment of your cycle shoe cleats. The basis of all your power transfer into each pedal stroke relies on this correct position of the cleat before even looking at saddle heights and then saddle positions.

A bike set-up is not complete without the adjustment of handle bar height and tilt to ensure that the most comprehensive bike fit to your body is done. We may even prescribe a pre-moulded Currex insole for you to wear while riding to ensure maximum power is transferred to each pedal stroke.


Pricing as follows:

  • Initial Bike set-up (1 hour) – R700
  • Second Bike set-up (1 hour) – R500 (when completed at a separate appointment)
  • Two bike set-up’s (on same day) 90 min – R1225

A Biomechanical Gait Analysis is the accurate study of your body’s motion and muscle action while walking, running or cycling.  Using an RScan Pressure pad and biomechanical evaluation techniques, we create a detailed picture of your particular patterns of movement. This gives us a basis for determining the neutrality, normality and abnormality of your body structure and motion which in turn enables us to create a solution to allow you to function in comfort and to the best of your ability.

A poor biomechanical function is not something that can be seen or felt. The body has a way of compensating for these deficiencies and abnormalities. It is this compensation that we need to correct.

Our focus is not just the treatment of the discomfort you have, but on the rehabilitation of the muscles to prevent the discomfort from re-occurring.  This may mean that we may prescribe a corrective exercise plan, a pre-moulded Currex insole, a treatment with a Sports Therapy Specialist or a Chiropractor.

Rest assured that it is your health that we are looking out for here regardless of the treatment. 

Pricing as follows:

  • Initial Consultation (1 hour) – R700
  • Follow-up Consultations (45 min) – R500
  • Video gait/ bike fit combo to R1225

The bike fit will be done at an agreed meeting place.

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