Becoming A Triathlete Is Possible !

May 21, 2018

Meet Christelle van der Watt, she joined embark as a runner and is on her way to completing her first IRONMAN 70.3

Before I joined Embark i had run 5 half marathons, i set my own program and trained by myself which was always a challenge. 
I noticed people on the Sea Point promenade running in Embark branded clothing and I got curious as to who and what they were training for. After visiting their website i decided to join Embark about a year ago to train for the Knysna half marathon.

The hill training is always hard but that’s what helped me to get build up leg strength which got me through Knysna and other tough races. Garths running program has helped me run my first sub two hour half marathon at the Gun Run last year. The visible improvements along with meeting great like minded people is what makes Embark so special.

After the Gun run I was looking for a bigger challenge so I decided to join the Embark Beginners Triathlon group. Luckily my brother had a road bike, a helmet and I was almost set…. My first goal was to finish a triathlon but always had a half IRONMAN in mind. A new life has opened up for me and my biggest regret is not starting earlier.
The bike was my biggest challenge, I had three punctures in the first three rides I did.
I really enjoy the weekly program and cherish all the new friends I’ve made who really helps with early morning training sessions. I’ve also learned not to let my mind influence me. I always feel great about attending a session and guilty missing one. The program already helped me reach new goals and push my limits. Not only has my running times improved, but my overall times for races improved as well. I’ve also lost 8kg since joining the triathlon group and I feel great.
With the IRONMAN 70.3 Durban slowly creeping closer, I’m nervous but at the same time super excited see the end result of “Following The Program”.
My motto is “you will reap what you sow” and Embark makes it easy to sow.

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