Coronation Double Century 2019 Program

May 15, 2019

Embark will once again enter teams into this amazing 202km team ride in late November! Every year Embark has ridden this race as a team and finished with all 12 riders! Every team member pulling their weight and at times pushing others! We train as a team with long supported rides on the weekend, and watt bike / spin classes / indoor training during the week. Be part of the group action, or just follow the program on your own!! The options is yours! It’s an amazing lead up to the race, training together as a team and getting really strong on the bike over the winter. If you would like to be part of an Embark DC team this year please log your name here. We are hoping to secure 4 team entries, including a faster team   for the racing snakes!

The training will start on the 6th June with a mock ‘FTP test’ , an orientation of how the test works. (You will learn what FTP is and how to improve this once you sign up and get started). There will be a group ride on Saturday 8th June (50-60kms). On Monday 10th /Tues 11th  you will be required to do the FTP test and the results of this test is what we use to set the program for you for the next 24 weeks. If you don’t have access to a Watt Bike, ICG Bike, or power, then we can set the program to Heart Rate, you will just have to know your Max Heart Rate or complete a test to reveal this. From then onwards there will be 3 weekly indoor sessions (a mix of strength, endurance and speed) and weekend group rides supported by the Reeds ISUZU vehicles. Long weekend rides distances progressing from 50kms up to 200kms in prep for the race. We will ride the Western Cape and all it has to offer in order to get ready for the big day!


An example of a weekly indoor session would be as follows:

1 hour (Warm up 10mins, drills and main set 45mins, cool down 5 mins)


Warm Up: 10mins of slowly bringing your heart rate up to 75% (or depending on your FTP numbers there will an indication of watts). Varying RPM and alternate between in and out the saddle.  


Drills: 5mins  of alternating left leg only for 30secs, then right leg only for secs (maintain a constant 90rpm, and focus on pushing and pulling on the pedals, creating a perfectly efficient pedal stroke)


Main Set:  40mins as 4 sets of 10mins

2min @120 watts  (70% HR)

4mins @140 watts(75% HR)

1min @160 watts (90% HR)

2min @140 watts (75% HR)

1min @100 watts (60% HR)

Repeat 4 times

Cool down for 5mins easy riding slowly bring down the heart rate

The training program is presented though Training Peaks, an online app, through which you are able to record, monitor and analyse your work outs and track your progression.

Should you wish to chat to one of our coaches about FTP or the program etc please get in touch via the website or call STeve on 0827399010

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